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Services and Rates

Overall Relaxation Massage with Targeted Therapeutic Focus

This is the massage that dreams are made of. Nurturing all over relaxation WITH special attention to specific aches and pains. No one has ever said, "Gee, that session lasted a little too long." All I ever hear in my office is "I can't believe it's over already. That went by way too fast!"

2+ hr $150  •  2.5+ hr $180  •  3+ hr $210


Targeted Therapeutic Massage

A targeted therapeutic massage focuses detailed work on areas of concern. Extended targeted sessions allow for an exploratory approach to specific issues, and the opportunity to address multiple or long standing areas of concern. 

1+ hr $90  •  1.5+ hr $120  •  2+ hr $150  •  2.5+ hr $180  •  3+ hr $210


Overall Relaxation Massage

An overall relaxation massage is for general relaxation of all major muscle groups, with no deep or detailed work.

1.5+ hr $120  •  2+ hr $150


A Note on Prenatal Massage:  Women in all stages of pregnancy can benefit from massage therapy. A specialized cushion is available for clients who would like to try face down positioning. Side lying and face up positioning are other options, with a variety of pillows to assist in comfortable bolstering. Prenatal clients are encouraged to request positioning adjustments (and bathroom and snack breaks) as necessary in order to maintain comfort and relaxation.





All credit and debit cards are accepted, as well as cash and checks. Gratuity is not expected at this health care facility.

The rates listed above reflect a discount for payment made at the time of service, and do not include, but are subject to, local sales tax. Services that will be billed for payment at a future date are not eligible for the time-of-service discount pricing listed here. 

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