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Wellness massage therapy services can help you reach your goals of relaxation, preventative care, pain relief, palliative care, or maintenance of health.

All massage therapy services are strictly professional and therapeutic. We offer ONLY the services on this list. 

Spot Work Massage

Spot work can be requested when a shorter session is desired, or when pain relief, rather than overall relaxation, is the goal. Spot work massages are available from a minimum of 45 minutes to a maximum of 3 hours.

Whole Body Massage

A whole body massage is strictly professional and therapeutic, and generally includes arms and legs, hands and feet, hips and glutes, back, neck and decolleté (collarbone, upper chest, pectoral area, and tops of shoulders), and face and scalp. All sessions are fully customizable, and the client may request that any areas be avoided.

Whole body massages are available from a minimum of 90 minutes to a maximum of 3 hours.  A 90 minute whole body massage is primarily a general relaxation massage, with a minimal amount of focused work.  If you require more focused work, please consider either a spot work  session, or an extended whole body session.  A 2 to 3 hour session is ideal for thoroughly incorporating focused work into a relaxation massage.

Prenatal Massage

The Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion is available for clients who want to try face down positioning during their prenatal massage, or clients may opt for side lying positioning instead with a variety of pillows to assist in comfortable bolstering. Face up positioning can also be used as desired. Prenatal clients can decide on whichever position works best for them, and are encouraged to request positioning adjustments as much as necessary during a session to maintain comfort and relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is an otherworldly experience. The stones feel like heated extensions of the therapist's hands, and the warmth rapidly and deeply penetrates and softens tight muscles, inducing an immediate state of relaxation. Ahead of the session, stones are carefully heated to 125-130 degrees and maintained at that temperature in a water bath in an electric roaster oven. After rubbing the stones in oil, the therapist holds stones in their hands and uses them to knead and loosen tissues. Stones can also be placed into hands, on feet, and along the spine, and left in place to retain heat. After the massage, all stones and the roaster oven tray are thoroughly washed under hot running water to ensure disinfection between clients. A hot stone massage is fantastic any time of year, but is especially divine in the cold winter months!

Hot stone massage requires advance notice. 



Medically necessary massage therapy is directed to resolve specific medical conditions that have been diagnosed by a physician. It is not wellness or relaxation massage. Medically necessary massage therapy is performed under supervision of the physician and may be covered by insurance. A physician's prescription is required in advance of all medically necessary massage therapy appointments. The prescription must include diagnosis codes and a treatment plan that specifies frequency and duration of massage sessions. 

Treatment will focus only on the areas of the body related to the diagnosed condition. Thorough evaluations both before and after the session are conducted during each visit, and copies of treatment notes and invoices are available as requested by responsible parties. 

Insurance information and the prescription must be received and confirmed before a medically necessary massage therapy appointment can be booked. Worker's comp, auto / PIP, and health insurance are all accepted at this location, pending confirmation of benefits.

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