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Focused Relaxation Massage or Targeted Therapeutic Massage

This can be a shorter session (45 - 60 minutes) that either addresses specific issues, or promote relaxation by focusing on the specific areas of tension. Extended targeted sessions (from 90 minutes to 3 hours) can also be useful to allow enough time for an exploratory approach to specific issues, or to address multiple or long standing issues. 

Overall Relaxation Massage

An overall relaxation massage is a longer session (90 minutes to 3 hours) that addresses arms and legs, hands and feet, hips and glutes, back, neck and decolleté (collarbone, upper chest, pectoral area, and tops of shoulders), and face and scalp. All sessions are fully customizable, and the client may request that any areas be avoided.

A 90 minute relaxation massage is primarily a moderate pressure, general relaxation massage, with a minimum of focused or deeper work.  To combine a general relaxation massage with targeted therapeutic work (or to include deeper pressure, stretches, or abdominal massage), a session of 2 to 3 hours is recommended in order to allow enough time to incorporate focused work into the relaxation session.

Prenatal Massage

Women in all stages of pregnancy can benefit from massage therapy. For clients that would like to try face down positioning, the Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion is available. Side lying positioning is another option, with a variety of pillows to assist in comfortable bolstering. Face up positioning can also be used as is desired and comfortable. Prenatal clients can decide on whichever position works best for them, and are encouraged to request positioning adjustments (and bathroom and snack breaks) as often as necessary during a session in order to maintain comfort and relaxation.

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