Peace at Hand Massage Therapy
Ketchikan, AK


Minutes listed indicate ONLY the actual table time during which hands on massage therapy services are administered. Plan of care, changing, payment, and rescheduling can add a considerable amount of additional time spent at this office, beyond just the scheduled hands on massage time as listed below. Please consider the total length of the visit when scheduling an appointment so that you are not late to your next function. 

All credit and debit cards are accepted, as well as cash and checks. Gratuity is not expected at this health care facility.

The following rates reflect a discount for payment made at the time of service, and do not include, but are subject to, local sales tax. Services that will be billed for payment at a future date are not eligible for the time-of-service discount pricing as listed below. 


Focused Relaxation Massage or Targeted Therapeutic Massage

     45+ minutes $75

     60+ minutes $90

Overall Relaxation Massage or Targeted Therapeutic Massage

     90+ minutes $120

     2+ hours $150

     2.5+ hours $180

     3+ hours $210






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