Peace at Hand Massage Therapy

Ketchikan, AK


Welcome to Peace at Hand Massage Therapy, a healthcare facility with an extraordinarily relaxing atmosphere.

Services are available by appointment only, by Alaska State Licensed Massage Therapist Suzanne Webb, AK#101538. The office is centrally located in a wheelchair accessible commercial building in the heart of downtown Ketchikan.

Peace at Hand Massage Therapy is a one room, one table operation with a low client volume, offering unhurried and individualized attention. I specialize in slow paced, thorough, and highly detailed work for pain relief and stress relief, and I always take the time to determine how to best address your goals at every visit.

Have you ever had a massage in which you didn't feel listened to? Did the therapist seem tired or like they weren't giving you their full attention? Were you too hot or too cold, not getting enough pressure or getting too much? Was it a massage that never quite addressed the nagging pain that prompted you to book the appointment in the first place? Or did it seem just far too short and too rushed?

You will not find generic, anonymous, fast paced cookie cutter work with rapid turnover here. I am able to give 110% effort at every visit because I do not overbook myself. I find that effective massage requires a team effort between client and therapist, so it is important to me that I fully understand your preferences, goals, and needs as they shift over time. My clients value my communication skills, my deeply relaxing gentle pace, and the depth of focus and detail of my work.

I am currently accepting new clients. Please consider booking well in advance for the best selection of appointment times. Please note that same day, next day, and evening appointments are NOT available. To book an appointment please leave a voicemail, or send an email or text message. As a one person operation, there is no dedicated receptionist. Please allow up to 48 hours for a returned phone call, or up to 24 hours for a returned text message or email. 

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